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pictures, words. maybe you'll recognize yourself in them. maybe not. i only bring what i can.

all content is made by me unless otherwise cited.

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achewood, andrew bird, anne sexton, aphex twin, becoming unstuck in time, being funes the memorius, birds, björk, bookbinding, borges, calvino, can, choosing life, collecting postcards, critical thinking, cruciferous vegetables, de-luge and guitary, do it to julia, driving nowhere really fast, extremely long train rides, fasting, finding small things, fjöllum, flotation toy warning, godard, guns furs & living rooms, hummingbird fights, i-80 anytime, inamorati anonymous, irons, jandek, jesting infinitely, jon hopkins, jorie graham, julianna barwick, kaffi, kelly lee owens, krishnamurti, lagos highlife, les quatre cents coups, letterboxing, liminality, long discussions with mirrors, love and rockets, maps, matthew dear, men in nice hats, midwestern rainstorms, modest mouse, moonlit santa barbara beaches, okada, patti smith, photography, photonastic plants, playing the piano alone, pokey the penguin, pomo mofos, portishead, raindogs & rainbirds, records, rick and morty, rick bass, rilke at any hour, rough guide to joy, running and returning, running in the rain, scratching at thingness, sleepy birds, slinking around in bars, special patrol group the hamster, strangers on trains, stuff found in streets, sturdy legs, succulents, sylvie's $20 bill, talking with birds, territory unseen, thrift stores, tornadoes, train vignettes, w.a.s.t.e., waking up new, walking forever, whispering on the beach, wigs, woodworking
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